Meet the Code Masters

Our exceptional team at Strategy Kings blends profound market understanding with unrivaled technical prowess to bring you the most advanced trading tools. With a synergy of experience, passion, and innovation, our team members are not just creators; they are seasoned traders committed to empowering you in the intricate world of trading. Learn more about the brilliant minds that make it all happen:

  • Philip Smith

    Visionary trader and founder, Philip is the driving force behind Strategy Kings, blending extensive trading insight with innovative solutions.
  • Isaac Smith

    Lead Dev
    Isaac is our tech wizard, combining deep market understanding with advanced development skills to create user-friendly, innovative tools.
  • Leonardo Dentzien

    Dev, HR
    Leonardo is our versatile pro, developing seamless tools and fostering a harmonious, productive environment with his HR skills.
  • Austin Greer

    Junior Dev
    Meticulous Austin ensures precision and reliability in our tools, with a keen eye for detail and a commitment to quality.
  • Keenan Allcott

    Junior Dev
    Keenan, our innovative spirit, breathes fresh perspectives and novel solutions, developing advanced tools to elevate user experience.
  • Lucas Xavier

    Junior Developer, Lunch Lady
    Lucas brings technical brilliance and culinary joy, developing advanced tools and keeping the team fueled with delightful meals.

Our Recommended Trading Platform.

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